Doe Deere Teaches You The Keys To Success

Doe Deere is from Russia and moved to the United States when she was 17. She landed in the Big Apple very ambitious and eager to become a musician. She later performed with a band and recalls appreciating the people that would show up and contribute to her events. By becoming a music artist she realized that anyone can live out their dreams if they focus on their unique talent. Deere says her entrepreneurial drive started when she was 13 and started wearing temporary tattoos to popularize them.

The Beginning For Lime Crime

Doe Deere says that as a musician it helped her to master the art of marketing, but she didn’t remain a permanent figure in her band. She always appreciated bright colors and was tired of the neutral colors in the early 2000’s. Eventually, she decided to create her own bright colors that she could match with her attire. Fashion Design school taught her how to feel confident with her thought pattern for her style of makeup and clothing. Designing vibrant colors that were popular with other young women gave birth to Lime Crime.

Deere says that trying on her mother’s makeup contributed to her thoughts towards bold makeup options. She can remember trying on her mother’s makeup and not being satisfied with the dull colors of the late 90s. The idea of bright colors was a priority in the makeup industry. Doe Deere also offers her customers accessories and boats on the Lime Crime official website. Lime Crime gives you the freedom of being yourself. In fact, it encourages you to be bold and make a statement with your makeup.

Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime offers a rich velvetine matte collection of eye shadows and lip sticks. They offer rich vibrant colors that encourage you to be bold and daring with your makeup choices. Many women try this makeup choice because it’s easy apply and remove, but they now offer a waterproof look. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about multiple pesky reapplications throughout the day. You’ll love transforming from your day to night look with Lime Crime. Thousands of women trust the Lime Crime brand for long lasting makeup.

You can trust the Lime Crime site to have many promotional offers for their first time customers and exclusive products for members. You can order their products from their official website and have them shipped to your door, individually packaged, in under a week. You’ll love the look that you get with their unique product. You have the option of having a look that is different from traditional makeup options, but comfortable enough for your daily life. Lime Crime is there to support your unique makeup choices and carry you throughout your day. Visit Lime Crime for more details and product offers today.

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