Securus Technologies – Providing Highly Useful And Advanced Prison Telecommunication Technology

Securus Technologies is one of the most advanced technology firms in the field of prison telecommunications, criminal justice, investigative technology, public safety and law enforcement. The company has over 600 patents on its name and currently serves close to 3,500 law enforcement agencies. The company has over the years helped millions of customers, which includes both the prisoners as well as the officers of the law enforcement agencies. The primary aim of the company is to use technology to bridge the gap of communication between the inmates and their families.



The primary concern of most of the people who are incarcerated is how they would be able to stay in touch with their loved ones. However, thanks to Securus Technologies, over 1,200,000 inmates can use their calling cards and voicemail messaging systems to keep in touch with their friends and relatives outside. It helps to a great extent in reducing their stress and psychological trauma they are going through. It also helps in decreasing the crime inside the jail.



In a press release that the company released online recently, Securus Technologies published a series of letters and commented it receives on a regular basis from its customers across the United States. In these observations, the clients of Securus Technologies have mentioned how the products and services of the company help in keeping in touch with their friends and families. Many of the law enforcement agencies and officers have also written to the company saying how it helped them with crime prevention, and how with the evidence supplied by the company made it easier to convict the culprit in the court of law.



The CEO of the company, Rick Smith, also gave an open invitation to the investors and the clients to visit the Securus Technologies’ Technology Center based in Dallas, Texas. It only shows the confidence the company has its services and how transparent its operational machinery is.


Securus Technologies Strives to Make the World a Better Place

The holiday season can be a difficult time if you have a loved one in a correction facility. I know this well because I once had a loved one in the correction facility the previous Christmas. Before finding Securus Technologies, I had a thorny problem of keeping in touch on a regular basis. I found it tough to make challenging and long trips to the correction facilities. It created a significant inconvenience and made it challenging for everyone that wanted to visit their family members.


I asked myself why correction facilities have not adopted communication services. I searched online and found the Securus Video Visitation program. I could not believe the advantages that came with the program. I saw one video of a father who talked to his child and was satisfied that the program would work efficiently. The visitation program became an important part of Christmas as I could now keep in touch with my friend. No longer was it necessary to make long trips to correction facilities. The visitation has created a great ease and convenience, especially with the busy holiday season.


Many other people have found the video visitation program very beneficial for their lives. There are many reasons why people have loved the visitation program. It allows families to feel closer during the holiday season. It makes it very easy to keep in touch with family members without going for long visits to correction facilities. I think that the kind of technology provided by the company is improving and changing lives in a big way. The company has strived to make the holidays a special one for inmates. Inmates also want to feel loved and wanted, and the video visitation program is the right way to show love.


Securus Technologies has demonstrated real service to make the world a better safe. The company is a leader in technology in correction facilities. It has always strived to ensure better communication and keep the public safe. The excellent services provided by the company has increased its demand all over the country. The government contracts them to work in correction facilities to assist in preventing and solving crimes. Securus Technologies is always on the lookout for latest technology systems. It has a separate department that deals with innovation, creativity, and advancement of their technology units. Securus deals with more than a million customers and subscribers every year. The firm is made of individuals who are experts in their work. The company has a mission to get things done and to do them perfectly.