Contributions Made By New Editors Enhances Wikipedia’s Cumulative Growth

Each month, over 80,000 volunteers are engaged in editing Wikipedia pages. These Wikipedia editors and writers are anonymous. They work in an environment, which does not have any known lines of authority. Fifteen years after publishing the first article in the English Language, Wikipedia has 28 million known users, over 5 million articles and the Wikipedia Foundation. Two researchers, Aleksi Aaltonen and Stephan Seiler, were intrigued by Wikipedia’s ability to have unpaid editors. Aleksi works for Warwick Business School as an assistant professor of information systems. Stephan is an economist and serves as an associate professor of marketing at the prestigious Stanford Graduate School of Business. After conducting a comprehensive research, they concluded that the edits made to the articles attract editors whose Wiki edits catches the attention of new editors. In their research paper, the two friends said that the articles written between 2002 and 2010 were better and not longer. This research was published on the issue of Management Science of July 2016. This information was originally mentioned on Stanford Business as outlined in the following link

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Wikipedia is regarded as an online encyclopedia. When used in an effective manner, it can serve as an effective marketing tool to one’s business. On the site, an individual can create a Wikipedia page and edit his or her business, biography or brand. Moreover, a well-written Wikipedia page can augment the reputation of one’s company. Accurate Wikipedia information adds prestige, credibility and authenticity to an individual’s brand or business. Many people have reported increased sales owing to the fact that decided to make a Wikipedia page or have one made for them to promote their businesses. This information was originally published on Jeff Bullas.