End Citizens United is a Movement

It is a challenging task to fight in the political worlds and it is good to know the End Citizens United is fighting in our corner. End Citizens United is dedicated to change the view of the political system. The constant changes in the political system have left some people happy and unhappy at the same time. The justice of the people will be served. End Citizens believes that everyone should rightfully have their opportunity to speak their mind. The End Citizens United was born on March 1st, 2015. The End Citizens United is a political Action Committee that is funded by grassroots donors. The goal of End Citizens United is here to change finance system and aid in the effects of Citizens United. End Citizens United is changing the way we think as a society in the political world. The changing world of politics have been so controversial for the past couple of years and End Citizens United wants to make changes that will benefit the world. The group collected more than $4 million during the first three months of this year and projects it will raise $35 million ahead of the 2018 midterm elections for Congress, according to fundraising details provided first to USA TODAY.

The number is a flow from the $25 million the political action committee took for the 2016 election. The first election in Ends Citizens United operation cycle. The End Citizens United President and Executive Director Tiffany Muller and President David Donnelly commented on the Russians allegedly meddling in last year’s election. The statement referred to Americans of any political view demand their elections to be free and that Americans wants to make sure that their votes are counted. This indiscretion about the Russians allegedly affecting the race has been talked about for months. Truthfully, people wants justice for the election. I believe that End Citizens United will fight until the questions that we ask are answered. End Citizens United lives by fighting the challenge and not letting the challenge defend them. I believe that no matter what we do we have to stick together to have our voices heard and that everyone has a chance to be heard.