MB2 Dental | Helping Dentists Focus Patient Care

MB2 Dental solution is a dental management firm founded by dentists with the aim of solving common problems overwhelming dentistry. Having firsthand experience of these challenges makes it easy for the company to provide solutions that best suit both patients and providers. By using the services of MB2, any dental clinic focuses its effort on offering better patient care.

Origin of MB2

In 2009, one dentist, Chris Steven Villanueva was tired of watching both sole practitioners, and group dental professionals face problems that hindered them from offering the best services to their patients. He thought of coming up with a firm that would empower these physicians to focus their energy on providing best services to patients while at the same time gaining from the practice.

He came up with MB2 Dental, which combined the benefits of individual practice and group practitioners. The new firm mitigated the cons of the two to come up with a health organization where patients are always a priority.

MB2 Management Team

Chris, who is also the CEO of MB2 Dental wisely chose his management team to help him run the firm. Justin Puckett sits on the presidency. He is a qualified and experienced dentist of many years through which he has held many positions. He has knowledge of corporate law, public accounting, and corporate finance. It is this experience that enables him to assist MB2 affiliate doctors in evaluating their growth effectively.

Justin Carroll is the firm’s chief operating officer. He has experience in growth, turnaround, and development advisory. In his previous positions, he was exposed to private equity investment and strategy & operations management. These skills make him perfectly fit in his current position as COO of MB2 Dental. Learn more about MB2 Dental: http://thecdigroup.com/portfolio/mb2dental-solutions/

Mark Fuller, who is MB2 Dental chief finance officer has over 25 years’ experience as a CFO. In addition to his experience which spans from public companies to private equities, from multinational corporations to startups, he is also a licensed CPA both in California and Colorado.


Over the years, the firm has expanded from just a vision to reality, having over 70 employees and over sixty affiliate clinics. This expansion is attributed to the combination of expertise and loyalty. The firm also provides a suitable working environment to all its employees.

Services Offered by MB2 Dental Solution

According to White Pages, affiliating with MB2 Dental gives dentists an opportunity to focus their energy on helping patients, while the firm’s team handles nonclinical matters. Among the tasks the firm assists its partner clinics include Human Resource, IT, Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Billing & Collection, and Business Development.