Wen by Chaz Clensing Conditioner Exceeds Expectations

Chaz Dean did not create a magic potion with the WEN hair products, but he has designed natural, organic products that give thin, lifeless hair a healthy shine. On his info commercials, he has glamorous models displaying his products.

Chaz Dean is the owner of Chaz Dean Hair Studio, which is a salon of the celebrities located in Hollywood. He developed the Wen by Chaz line there and now uses it exclusively.

Well-known stars adore the treatment that they receive in his studio. Chaz has been an expert hair stylist for over 15 years. He began by managing a studio in Bel Air, and then moved to his Hollywood location after only a few years.

Chaz is unpretentious and his salon is in a prime location, but to keep the paparazzi away, the building is nondescript with no signs or lights. His customers come for a relaxing day and to enjoy themselves without the worry of the media.

Bustle.com recently posted an experiment by Emily McClure who was unsure about the claims of beautiful hair in the Wen by Chaz info commercials on QVC. Emily admitted she has fine, dull hair, so she decided to try the Fig Cleaning/Conditioner all-in-one product.

Chaz does not believe in shampooing hair because he has found that the chemicals used in it, strip the hair of its body, so he produces several kinds of cleansing conditioners along with his hair styling products.

Emily committed to trying the cleansing conditioner and following the instructions. She commented that she had to use more of the Wen by Chaz product than her usual shampoo, but it did contain both cleaning and conditioning properties. http://www.sephora.com/healthy-hair-care-kit-P374589

By the end of the week, she said that her hair felt “thicker” and healthier. She washed her hair daily and was very pleased with the results. Go to Wen.com to see the entire Wen by Chaz products.

Hair Salon Products- Donald Scott NYC

Although straight razors were the main method of cutting hair in the past, they have been by other tools like the disposable blade razors, multi-edge or cartridge razors, and electric razors. However, they have some advantages. They offer a vastly superior shave that does not cause razor burns and saves you a lot of money. On top that you get satisfaction and a macho feeling and will surely get you respected amongst your peers. Due to these advantages, they have become more popular.


Today, this razors comes with a blade that is easier to use, sanitize and clean. However, it may need stropping and honing from time to time. Most importantly you need to know how to use them correctly. When checking to purchase one ensure that it is of good quality since this is something you might want to have with you for the rest of your life. What better straight razors to use than those from Donald Scott NYC.


Donald Scott NYC is a veteran in hair cutting tools industry. He is a world-renowned stylist, platform artist, investor, and educator. His brand is praised for being the founder of tools that are safe, hygienic and easy to use.

Groom Stick Pro from WPRNY on Vimeo.