Madison Street Capital Offers Exemplary Advisory Services for Successful Businesses



Companies are usually faced with the demand to reorganize and reform departments. This is usually a strategic move. Although the idea sounds interesting and workable, it calls for revolutionized information and professional advice to succeed. That is where Madison Street Capital comes in. It is a leading company that specializes in offering good advice to companies. Madison Street Capital prides itself in its ability to compete with over 300 businesses that provide advisory services to private and public-owned firms. On 23rd March 2017, Madison Street Capital will be honored with an award dubbed Restructuring Deal of the Year. The event will be hosted in a gala festival organized by M&A Advisor, at Colony in a 2017 Summit on Investment.





Having served companies for more than ten years, Madison Street Capital has vastly grown to be a leading investment and banking advisory company for various firms across the world. Its success is hinged on its experienced employees, leaders and to be specific, Karl D’Cunha, the Senior Managing Director. Madison Street Capital has experienced strong leadership with an extensive background in financial, capital markets. The synergy of these experiences has led to the expansion of Madison’s services and operations. Additionally, Madison has extended its services to North America.



Market Niche


Through its active operations and collaborations in competitive market niches, the company has been able to make a name for itself in the banking and financial sector. Madison Street Capital, with its vast networking capabilities, offers partners, advisory services on mergers, tax compliance, and acquisition. It also conducts portfolio and financial monitoring for companies with the plan to restructure, organize and obtain innovative entities.



Diversification of Services


Client Profile


One of Madison’s well-executed plan is the diversification of customer profile. Madison Street Capital targets firms across various local and international industries. From aviation, information and technology, media, real estate and health care, Madison has every sector covered. The staff and management are dedicated to assisting their clients to expand their base of operation by acquiring capital via strategic planning and professionalism. Most of Madison’s clients are companies that cash in a revenue of approximately 500 million dollars. The gross earnings range from 1 to 50 million dollars. Through the dedicated team of professionals at Madison Street Capital, the company engages in charity. It has supported organizations like United Ways by providing restructuring and reorganizing services. Madison Street Capital reputation is its dedication to offering advisory services to most companies.


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Equities First And Trends In Lending

Credit is important when building a life or a business. We all know the old saying that it takes money to make money. In recent years, banks and other institutions have tightened their requirements for loans.


Because of this, many individuals and businesses have found that they have trouble borrowing. They have been seeking non-traditional solutions. Although options such as stock-based loans are less well-known, they are becoming more popular.


 Equities First is a global leader in lending. This company has a great reputation. It is known, among other things, for providing alternative loan solutions for borrowers. One specialty of theirs is equities lending.


Equities lending is not that difficult to understand. In this type of lending, stocks are used as collateral for a loan. This type of loan generally has a better loan-to-value ratio than a margin loan.


Stock-based loans also offer a fixed interest rate. Variable rates can cause real problems for borrowers, as payments amounts can increase so much that they become unaffordable. These variable rates are part of what caused so much trouble during the Great Recession of 2008.


Equities First deals mostly with high net-worth individuals, in addition to businesses. This company is committed to helping its clients meet their goals, whether those are personal or professional.


Founded in 2002, Equities First brings years of experience to the table. This company is well-established, and has completed over $1 billion in transactions. Founder and CEO Al Christy, Jr., takes ethics seriously. He has woven a culture of integrity into the fabric of the company.


Based in Switzerland, Equities First maintains offices around the world. Locations can be found in the UK, Hong Kong, the US, and other countries.


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