Focus on Omar Boraie’s Visions of New Brunswick

According to WSJ, Omar Boraie can best be described as a visionary. He has for the last 40 years witnessed the stupendous potential present in New Brunswick. Recently, he invested in a project dubbed “The Asprire”, which has been his dream for the longest possible time and was elated for finally bringing it to fruition. The Aspire is an unbelievably luxurious residential high story building.

The Aspire

Omar Boraie is the head at Boraie Development LLC and while commenting about The Aspire revealed that this particular project was disapproved by a number of people for a number of years. Omar has always harbored the desire to altering the state of New Brunswick by rebuilding the city again to be in line with the developments he saw in Europe. He got the idea of transforming the city when he travelled to Europe as a scholar. The fact that New Brunswick became deserted after 4 pm made him yearn to bring about a positive change in the city. He strived to make the situation better and that is how his dream of transforming the city began.

Current Situation

Currently, Omar Boraie is a satisfied man gauging by the beautiful view he enjoys from his office on the eighth floor. Previously, the area had around 21 buildings that were crumbling, but he decided to change all that by buying them one by one. After he was done with acquiring them, he began executing his plan of restoring the city’s lost glory. A lot of people saw him as a mad man but he was just a visionary investor well before his time.

Boraie’s Projects

Boraie started off with his first building, Tower One, to provide the much needed office space. Tower One was built in the 1980’s and 90’s. Tower Two, the second he built in 2003 was adjacent to Tower One. After these projects, Boraie realized that there was an urgent need for top value residential space. He embarked on building the tallest building in the city that had 121 residential units and some space was used for office spaces, retail businesses and a huge parking garage. There was also space outside where people could walk their dogs and hold barbeques. People started believing in his vision at this stage according to an article published on Central Jersey Working Moms.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development offers a number of services to the real estate market in urban areas. These are property management, real estate development as well as sales and marketing. The team at Boraie Development builds spectacular projects and offers unmatched services to its clients.

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