Protecting your Company’s Online Reputation

As Matthew J. Maniyamkott explains, the first thing people do before reaching out to a service is run a Google search. It’s incumbent on any business, but especially a new start up, to be mindful of their online presence. Although having a good online reputation is a must, there is always the risk that a disgruntled former associate or a competitor will try to slander you online.

The name of the game is being proactive. Google your brand daily and take action with SEO if you find anything bad. suggests to always keeping up with your customers online, especially those who are unhappy for some reason. Take the time out to listen and respond.

You should have a Google alert set up for your company or brand name, and it’s a good idea to use other online tools to search the web for any mentions of your brand.

With so much social media to worry about, many entrepreneurs forget about their website. This is a mistake because your website is the first place people go when they want to find out more about your brand. On the other hand, being active on social media is just as important as keeping your site up-to-date. Google is always making changes to their algorithm, so for most businesses, especially when getting started, social media will have a much more powerful impact than SEO. Facebook may be king, but don’t forget about less common platforms such as Quora. Q&A sites like Quora can go a long way toward establishing you as an authority and are also good for SEO.