6 Pieces of Advice for a Planning a Party; Stress Free!

Looking to plan a party without worry, without hassle, and without wanting to puke from the thought of organizing something? If you are like many people out there, being in charge of a party, running things, getting everything together on time, the preparation beforehand, it can all be overwhelming. But if you want to ignore all this (and you are crazy if you do not want to, just saying), read on for some helpful hints to help you along the way!

  1. Get Yourself Organized

Lists, lists, lists! Whether it be the grocery list or a list of things for your husband to do the day of, make sure you keep your life organized in lists! Highlight dates you need to get stuff done by, as well as keeping your planner caught up.

  1. Think of a Theme

Is this a work party, a dinner party, or a kids birthday party? You can make it a fifties theme, mystery dinner theme, or maybe Spongebob Themed for your kid. Whatever it may be, make sure your party has a theme figured out!

  1. Get Invitations Sent Out

The earlier the better. And yes, for a well planned party, there should be more than just a text invite. Send out some paper ones through snail mail for guaranteed deliverance that is not through cyber space.

  1. Make Your Own Specialty Drink!

Whether it be some pink lemonade for the kiddos or a mixed drink for the adults coming over, a special drink fitting for your party will be the icing on the cake for your guests coming over!

  1. The Simpler the Snacks and Appetizers, the Better!

This not only makes it easier on you as the host and planner, but will give your guests just the small fill up they need before the main food comes out!

  1. Send Them Off with a Bang! I Mean, Favors.

You can’t forget about the favors! Whether it be a succulent plant for the nature lovers in your group, a bag of sugar filled goodness for the children, or some dark chocolate for your favorite ladies, a favor is a small token of thoughtfulness and affection for your guests attending.


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