Real Estate Investor Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a prominent real estate investor in Miami, Florida. Samuel Strauch has achieved great success in the real estate industry. If you are looking for an expert to learn from, look no further than Samuel Strauch. The real estate field is very lucrative and a renowned expert can help you learn what works.

Samuel Strauch is an expert with a long a successful investing career, which makes him a sought after professional.

Samuel Strauch strongly believes that proper planning and quality education can help any ambitious individual to attain tremendous success as a real estate investor.

Getting valuable training and pertaining to real estate shouldn’t be a daunting task. There are many resources on the Internet that promise to help you get started and become successful. While some of these resources are reliable and can offer quality training there are those that do not deliver as promised. That is why it always recommended to go with someone that has a proven track record in the field.

Samuel Strauch has guided and advised numerous clients, colleagues and companies and comes highly recommended in the real estate investing field. Samuel Strauch is truly passionate about helping entrepreneurs, businesses and others who want to change their financial situation. He has great expertise in real estate and he strives to put them on a proven path to success.

Many clients and colleagues of Samuel Strauch rave about the outstanding teaching, coaching and advice they have received from him and the outcome of their ventures. Samuel Strauch is a reputable and reliable professional and caring person who likes to see others succeed in their respective ventures.

If learn from Samuel Strauch and you put in the required time and effort, you can definitely become successful as a real estate investor.

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NYC Wedding Photography Experts at George Street Photo and Video Services

If you are having your wedding and reception in NYC, you want to capture some of the most iconic imagery this town has to offer within your pictures. Rather than struggle with ideas that may overwhelm you, leave the stress of planning the photo shoot to the experts at George Street Photo and Video Services.

These wedding photography experts have been using NYC as a backdrop for some of the most compelling and stunning wedding pictures ever taken. When you want to have images taken in Central Park, near the shore line, or under the most iconic skyline in the world, the team at George Street Photo and Video Services can turn your fantasies to reality.

With so much on your minds leading up to the wedding day, you can rest assured knowing that these wedding photographers will do whatever it takes to ensure that your visions and dreams turn into stunning works of art.

Securus Technologies – Providing Highly Useful And Advanced Prison Telecommunication Technology

Securus Technologies is one of the most advanced technology firms in the field of prison telecommunications, criminal justice, investigative technology, public safety and law enforcement. The company has over 600 patents on its name and currently serves close to 3,500 law enforcement agencies. The company has over the years helped millions of customers, which includes both the prisoners as well as the officers of the law enforcement agencies. The primary aim of the company is to use technology to bridge the gap of communication between the inmates and their families.



The primary concern of most of the people who are incarcerated is how they would be able to stay in touch with their loved ones. However, thanks to Securus Technologies, over 1,200,000 inmates can use their calling cards and voicemail messaging systems to keep in touch with their friends and relatives outside. It helps to a great extent in reducing their stress and psychological trauma they are going through. It also helps in decreasing the crime inside the jail.



In a press release that the company released online recently, Securus Technologies published a series of letters and commented it receives on a regular basis from its customers across the United States. In these observations, the clients of Securus Technologies have mentioned how the products and services of the company help in keeping in touch with their friends and families. Many of the law enforcement agencies and officers have also written to the company saying how it helped them with crime prevention, and how with the evidence supplied by the company made it easier to convict the culprit in the court of law.



The CEO of the company, Rick Smith, also gave an open invitation to the investors and the clients to visit the Securus Technologies’ Technology Center based in Dallas, Texas. It only shows the confidence the company has its services and how transparent its operational machinery is.


How EOS Beat the Chapstick Brand

Evolution of Smooth came in and changed the beauty world with a new and improved lip balm that consumers wanted. EOS lip balms are paraben-free, contain jojoba oil and shea butter for added softness, and come in your choice of eight exciting flavors. The fun is packed inside of an orb-shaped container. EOS is still a new brand, opening their doors only seven short years ago. But, you can’t tell EOS that. They came in with fierceness, and continue that aura today. They believe in their products. They want the world to have a product they really want. They listen and care, and they understand. And now that the EOS brand is the second-best selling lip balm in the U.S., it proves that persistence does pay off.

EOS Highlights

EOS did everything different, and it is their uniqueness that helped them earn their top spot in the lip balm game. EOS lip balms are made with all-natural ingredients, contain no parabens, and come in eight fun flavors. The lip balms are gluten-free, and made to soften and nourish the lips. At a cost of about $3.50 per tube on Walgreens, the low price is also an exciting highlight.

EOS Flavors

The EOS flavors make the lips smile. Currently, EOS lip balm is offered in eight flavors. Those flavors include:

– Sweet Mint

– Pomegranate Raspberry

– Strawberry Sorbet

– Vanilla Bean

– Summer Fruit

– Blueberry Acai

– Honeysuckle Honeydew

The Unique Lip Balm

EOS lip balms prevent chapped, dry lips while locking-in moisture to protect the lips. But, don’t forget the wonderful flavors available. Find out for yourself why the brand currently sells more than one-million orbs each week! Visit the website at

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Traffic Issues at Williamson County Addressed by Transit Authorities

Several summits had been held within the Austin area although most usually addressed issues not relating to traffic even though it has remained to be an alarming problem. It has been triggered even more by the rapidly growing masses.

However, in the recent Thursday’s growth conference the experts invested quality time in addressing Williamson’s greatest predicament. Some of the delegates who attended the meeting included; Mike Heiligenstein, Joseph Kopser of RideScout LLC, the famous Leandre Johns of Uber Technologies Inc., as well as Jared Ficklin of ArgoDesigns.

The summit took place in Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center. Their discussions were centered on the effect of technology in the transportation sector of the entire Austin area.

Some Major Issues Pointed During the Meeting

Mike mentioned about technology embracing driverless cars on the roads, which would radically change the face of the streets across the world. Either way, he went on to add that despite embracing such high expertise, the roads in Austin area would still require restructuring so as to serve the people sufficiently.

In that sitting, they appreciated that the area had registered vast improvement over the last fifteen years, which had significantly reduced the transportation trouble.

Key aspects concerning Mike Heiligenstein

In Austin area and beyond, Mike is known for his influential position as the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

The said initiative is a governmental agency that was created in 2002 with the aim of modernizing the transit sector in Central Texas. He joined the foundation during its inception has since been dominant especially in designing modern day models to impact the industry positively.

Reasons Why Mike is Fit for the Transport Industry

According to Crunchbase, Mike Heiligenstein has served as the President of At International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. That foundation is just one among several others that Mike has diligently served. Additionally, even before taking the helm at Mobility, he had served as a public official in Williamson County for more than two decades.


The Mobility Authority is guided by Chapter 370 of the Texas Transportation Code. Their operations focus on the usage of contractors from private sectors so as to serve their wide-ranging systems that include roads, airstrips, and transit services.

In their endeavors, they employ highly professional strategies. Even the staff members, being led by Mike Heiligenstein apply approaches that are equally professional.

Madison Street Capital Offers Exemplary Advisory Services for Successful Businesses



Companies are usually faced with the demand to reorganize and reform departments. This is usually a strategic move. Although the idea sounds interesting and workable, it calls for revolutionized information and professional advice to succeed. That is where Madison Street Capital comes in. It is a leading company that specializes in offering good advice to companies. Madison Street Capital prides itself in its ability to compete with over 300 businesses that provide advisory services to private and public-owned firms. On 23rd March 2017, Madison Street Capital will be honored with an award dubbed Restructuring Deal of the Year. The event will be hosted in a gala festival organized by M&A Advisor, at Colony in a 2017 Summit on Investment.





Having served companies for more than ten years, Madison Street Capital has vastly grown to be a leading investment and banking advisory company for various firms across the world. Its success is hinged on its experienced employees, leaders and to be specific, Karl D’Cunha, the Senior Managing Director. Madison Street Capital has experienced strong leadership with an extensive background in financial, capital markets. The synergy of these experiences has led to the expansion of Madison’s services and operations. Additionally, Madison has extended its services to North America.



Market Niche


Through its active operations and collaborations in competitive market niches, the company has been able to make a name for itself in the banking and financial sector. Madison Street Capital, with its vast networking capabilities, offers partners, advisory services on mergers, tax compliance, and acquisition. It also conducts portfolio and financial monitoring for companies with the plan to restructure, organize and obtain innovative entities.



Diversification of Services


Client Profile


One of Madison’s well-executed plan is the diversification of customer profile. Madison Street Capital targets firms across various local and international industries. From aviation, information and technology, media, real estate and health care, Madison has every sector covered. The staff and management are dedicated to assisting their clients to expand their base of operation by acquiring capital via strategic planning and professionalism. Most of Madison’s clients are companies that cash in a revenue of approximately 500 million dollars. The gross earnings range from 1 to 50 million dollars. Through the dedicated team of professionals at Madison Street Capital, the company engages in charity. It has supported organizations like United Ways by providing restructuring and reorganizing services. Madison Street Capital reputation is its dedication to offering advisory services to most companies.


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