How Mike Baur assists Innovative IT Businesses to Thrive.

Mike Baur is a renowned entrepreneur who has been offering support to new companies that develop IT innovations that can be beneficial in the Swiss banking sector. He has been offering his services to startup businesses by using his firm, The Swiss Startup Factory. His company has been working to support upcoming enterprises that would like to grow in the banking sector but do not have enough funds and mentorship to facilitate them. The businessman has been providing funding that is required by the new enterprises by persuading top investors to support the projects.


Mr. Baur lately welcomed Michael Hartweg to the Swiss Startup Factory. He formerly served Leonteq, and he left the firm about two years ago to venture in other enterprises. Mr. Hartweg will be one of the investors and counselors who will be supporting the company’s activities. He will be allowed to select promising projects and offers funds and motivation to facilitate their growth in the corporate world. Michael has joined the many business leaders that Baur has convinced to be investors in emerging Fintech enterprises. The SSF’s proprietor also has an accelerator program, and it is dedicated to supporting Fintech firms that have already been established. It helps businesses that would like to be offered additional funds and motivation to boost their growth.


Mike founded his ventures in 2014, and he has been serving as the chief executive officer of the SSF. The company is currently based in Zurich. It makes sure that the Fintech enterprises establish themselves and successfully penetrate the business sector. As the head of the funding firm, Mr. Baur strives to ensure that he reaches investors who can offer useful support to the Swiss startups.


Baur has been ensuring that his acceleration program stays functional by dedicating most of his time to finding reliable investors and motivators. He has a 20 years’ experience in the Swiss banking industry, and this has allowed him to understand various business models. Mike knows approaches that can assist a business to be successful. The expertise that he has acquired in the industry helps him to correct various factors in the projects that he controls to suit the requirement of the banking and IT sector. He believes that the Swiss banking industry has several companies but not all of them are using IT in managing their undertakings. Firms that have not incorporated technology are disadvantaged in the sector.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Revamps Website, Online Ordering Available

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a privately-held company based in the United States. Its primary duties are to offer fast working document titles to individuals and other industries like finance and mortgage. The Florida-based Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was founded in 191 to become one of the leading document-processing and research company in the country. For this reason, it is now one of the most proficient entities in this industry. Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. provides services for investors and servicers and mortgage lending. For the company, nothing thrills them more than achieving a milestone in availing property reports promptly.


For those who deliver the highest accuracy level in the industry, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is among the list of competitors. It has gone a long way in assisting the mortgage industry in developing their solutions in this industry. For this reason, we might have noticed that the company works to develop property records in a manner that is not unprecedented in this industry. The company also has a specialization in the provision of land record, lien release services, property reports, final document tracking services, assignment servicing, and document retrieval for business purposes. Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has also received numerous awards in this line of service as a qualified provider in business and workability.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has also responded to the many calls to action concerning property defects in the region. As a matter of fact, they have come a long way in the issuance of proper titles. During the past few months, there has been a major increase in property title defects. For this reason, the company works to develop high-end solutions that work to meet the daily needs of this purpose. One of the major causes of concern in the real estate industry is property defects. For this reason, many people have worked to fail these titles in a manner that has not been predicted in this industry. Therefore, accessing these properties will become a major milestone in the stability measures.


Many people consider themselves as the leading causes of property title defects in the region. While this is true, many others have felt that they have contributed to the wrongful foreclosures of this property titles and their defects in the region. According to the company, property titles hold a key role in the management of these property titles in the region. For this reason, they have launched an updated website that lets you apply for the property titles online.

A Look At The Businesses Alexei Beltyukov Has Been Involved In

An Introduction To Alexei Beltyukov

Mr. Beltyukov began his career by working as a government doctor in Russia. He completed medical school where his specialty was in internal medicine. also said that while working in the medical profession, Alexei Belytukov became a member of the British Society for Immunology. Low salaries paid to government doctors in Russia led to Alexei pursuing a different career path in business.

To get started in business, Alexei Beltyukov had to learn what free markets and capitalism were all about. Lacking this knowledge, he went to study abroad in France at INSEAD College on a full scholarship. Learn more about more Alexei Beltyukov:

He successfully completed a bachelors degree program in business administration. The knowledge obtained at INSEAD college was instrumental to his success later on in business. Most Russians lacked the knowledge of a free market economy and in business.

Returning home to Russia after studying business in France, Alexei went to work for a railcar leasing company called Brunswick Rail Leasing. This was a Japanese owned railcar leasing company that had major holdings in Russia. Alexei’s goal was to expand operations and make them profitable. He managed to deliver.

Today Alexei Beltyukov is involved with several companies. They include Mechanicus. This is an automotive repair chain in Russia that can be likened to a Goodyear repair shop brand in the United States.

Mr. Beltyukov founded Mechanicus after seeing that most automotive repair shops in Russia were independently owned and that there were no franchises in this market segment.

Alexei Beltyukov also created Endemic Capital in 2013. This is an angel investment company that invests funds into technology startups in Russia that would otherwise lack access to capital from investors. At Endemic Capital, he has made investments in eight startups up to now.

New Gas Technologies is another industrial company founded by Alexei. It is focused on researching and developing new types of fuel that will provide investors with a return on their money in about one to two years.

Alexei Beltyukov also serves as a board observer at Foro Energy. This is a company that develops lasers for application in mining and energy company operations.

Construcap – Providing High Standard Engineering and Construction Services in Brazil

Brazil is one of the top ten developing countries in the world, and even though the country’s economy has been sluggish for the past couple of years along with political turmoil, the real estate sphere on hasn’t been hugely affected. The sales are down by a bit, but the demand has been consistent all over the country. Moreover, in the past few quarters, there has been a sharp rise in the real estate prices, giving real estate companies such Construcap, Cyrela Brazil Realty and Rossi Residencial, some hope that things in the real estate market would finally turn around for good in the days to come.

The Brazilian government on has been going through internal conflict and turmoil but has maintained their growth in the region of infrastructure development across the length and breadth of the country. For any developing countries, one of the biggest contributing factors that fuel the growth is its infrastructure. The government wants to ensure that the temporary political turmoil does not cause any long-term negative impact on the Brazil’s economic future and overall growth.

Construcap is one of the top ten construction companies in Brazil and started its operation in 1944. In 2015, Construcap was awarded in the category of the ‘Best Construction Company’ by Exame Magazine. In the same year, it also received the prestigious ENR Global Awards. Construcap has its headquarters in the capital Rio De Janeiro but is actively engaged in projects across the countries. Few of the best examples of company’s work include Mineirao Stadium and hospitals such as Hospital Sao Paulo, Sorocaba Hospital, Sao Jose Dos Campos Hospital, and many others.

Construcap is active in the field of scope projects, ENR and Integrated management services for real estate projects, engineering and construction services, and development of structured projects. The company is also famous for its large scale industrial and commercial projects, which includes building hotels, dams, factories, airports, subways, railway network, business towers, residential complexes, and so on. The company follows the standard process based on guidelines and system certified by ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001, which signifies the commitment of the company towards assuring only the best quality products and services to the clients, always.